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Trademark Worksheet

You worked so hard to think of the perfect name, design the perfect logo and even pick the perfect color scheme that represents your brand. You feel proud of your brand and so you decide to share it with the world!! Imagine how exciting it will be to gain traction with your audience and all of the marketing that goes into pushing your brand and letting the world know that YOU HAVE ARRIVED!! 


Now imagine being served with a "cease and desist" from a competitor who feels you are infringing on their Trademark, or filing a Trademark application only to get denied! If you decide to spend money into your marketing and your brand recognition BEFORE you understand the fundamentals of Trademarks, it could be your brand's downfall and even cost you your entire business! 

Don't be that entrepreneur who has to re-brand, or the one that has to close shop because you failed to protect your brand and your competitors beat you to the punch!!


This Trademark Worksheet will help you understand some basic fundamentals that all entrepreneurs need to know. It will help you identify your Trademarks (here's a hint, they are more than just names and logos). It will also help you understand the Trademark Registration process which does not start with filing the application (you missed a step if you went straight to the application!).