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Banzai Business Planning™ LLC is a company owned by the Millennial Business Lawyer™ Salma Benkabbou.


As a business lawyer Salma has seen many clients make a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided had they just come to her before they started their business or entered into risky transactions. 

In an effort to help entrepreneurs avoid some common rookie mistakes that seasoned entrepreneurs learned to avoid the hard way, she has created e-books to educate those who may be confused by the legal matters of their business.


Salma understands that the legal aspects of starting and operating a business are not exactly sexy, but putting them off could potentially cause the business owner their business and possibly their entire net worth. 

Banzai Business Planning™ is geared towards Helping Entrepreneurs Avoid Legal Rookie Mistakes™ by providing them with the education every entrepreneur should know. Salma believes that knowledge is power and with today's digital age, Intellectual Property protections are necessary to help businesses maintain their competitive edge in the market.  

Salma has been practicing law in Florida since 2014 and has been a licensed attorney in New Jersey and North Carolina since 2013. Salma is the managing attorney of the law firm The Benkabbou Law Firm,PLLC where she Helps Entrepreneurs Protect Their Creative Greatness™ through business formation, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Contracts. 



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